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Green Growth


Publications - Green Growth Knowledge Platform

Below you will find a selection of key publications on green growth and green economy.

GGKP Publications

Indicators cover.png Moving Towards a Common Approach on Green Growth Indicators (PDF)
GGGI, OECD, UNEP and World Bank 
On the subjects of greening global value chains and measuring and reporting on green growth, four background papers were commissioned for the GGKP's 2nd Annual Conference.
Building Green Global Value Chains - Committed public-private coalitions in agro-commodity markets
IDH The Sustainable Trade Initiative, in collaboration with the Dutch Sustainable Growth Coalition and Ernst & Young

Greening Global Value Chains: Innovation and the International Diffusion of Technologies and Knowledge
Matthieu Glachant; Damien Dussaux; Yann Meniere; Antoine Dechezlepretre

Private Sector Initiatives on Measuring and Reporting on Green Growth
Dr. Nancy Kamp-Roelands (Ernst & Young)

Greening Global Value Chains: Implementation Challenges
Bernard Sinclair Desgagné (HEC Montréal)
For the papers underpinning the GGKP's initial knowledge gap analysis, please see the World Bank's Research Roundup on Green Growth and Development. These papers were initially commissioned for the inaugural GGKP conference, which took place in January 2012 in Mexico City.
The GGKP Council members have each also issued major reports on green growth/green economy:
OECD Green Growth Strategy OECD's Green Growth Strategy (2011)
GGGI Green Growth in Motion: Sharing Korea's Experience GGGI's Green Growth in Motion: Sharing Korea's Experience (2011)
UNEP Towards a Green Economy UNEP's Moving Towards a Green Economy: Pathways for Sustainable Development and Poverty Eradication (2011)
World Bank Inclusive Green Growth The World Bank's Inclusive Green Growth: The Pathway to Sustainable Development (2012)

Additionally, they and our Knowledge Partners have produced a wide range of reports on green growth and green economy topics.

African Development Bank

African Development Report 2012. Towards Green Growth in Africa, AfDB, 2013
African Development Report 2012 (Executive Summary)

Sierra Leone Transitioning Towards Green Growth, AfDB, 2013
Sierra Leone Transitioning Towards Green Growth (Executive Summary)

Africa Ecological Footprint, AfDB and WWF, 2012

AfDB Facilitating Green Growth in Africa Facilitating Green Growth in Africa: Perspectives from the African Development Bank, Discussion Paper, AfDB 2012 (pdf)


Green Growth - Implications for Development Planning, CDKN 2011 (link)

CDKN's Users' Guide to climate compatible development planning tools


Working towards sustainable development: Opportunities for decent work and social inclusion in a green economy, ILO 2012 (link)

ILO's Green Jobs Programme


A Guidebook to the Green Economy Issue 1: Green Economy, Green Growth, and Low-Carbon Development - history, definitions and a guide to recent publications, UN-DESA (pdf)

A Guidebook to the Green Economy - Issue 2: Exploring Green Economy Principles, UN-DESA (pdf)

A Guidebook to the Green Economy Issue 3: Exploring Green Economy Policies and International Experience with National Strategies, UN-DESA (pdf)

A Guidebook to the Green Economy Issue 4: A Guide to International Green Economy Initiatives, UN-DESA (pdf)


Moving Towards A Green Economy: Pathways for Sustainable Development and Poverty Eradication, UNEP 2011 - Full report (pdf) and Synthesis for Policymakers (pdf)

Forests in a Green Economy - A Synthesis, UNEP 2011 (pdf)

Why a Green Economy Matters for the Least Developed Countries, UNEP 2011 (pdf)

Patents and Clean Energy: Bridging the Gap Between Evidence and Policy, UNEP, EPO, ICTSD 2010 (pdf)

Driving a Green Economy Through Public Finance and Fiscal Policy Reform - A Working Paper v. 1.0, UNEP 2011 (pdf)

A Brief for Policymakers on the Green Economy and Millennium Development Goals, UNEP 2010 (pdf)

Green Economy: Developing Country Success Stores, UNEP 2010 (pdf)

Green Jobs: Towards Decent Work in a Sustainable, Low-Carbon World, UNEP, ILO, IOE, ITUC 2008 (pdf)


A Toolkit of Policy Options to Support Inclusive Green Growth, Submission to the G20 Development Working Group by the AfDB, the OECD, the UN and the World Bank, G20 Los Cabos Summit 2012 (pdf)