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 Frequently Asked Questions

  • For which types of potential harm and impacts can a Request for Inspection be submitted to the Panel?

    The Panel has the authority to investigate many different types of harm or potential to people or the environment that results from a failure by the World Bank to cmply with its operational policies and procedures. These can include harms or potential harms to: people and livelihoods resulting from displacement and resettlement (e.g., by a dam, road, pipeline, landfill, or other infrastructure project); indigeneous peoples, their culture, traditions, lands tenure and development rigts; cultural property,including sacred places; natural habitats and the environment(e.g., wetlands, forests, fisheries, protected areas, etc); dam safety; pesticides; etc...

  • For which kinds of projects can affected people or an affected community submit a Request for Inspection to the Panel?

    Requests can be submitted with regard to any project or program financed at least in part by the Intnational Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) or International Development Association (IDA). This means that a Request may relate to projects such as:

    Projects financed by an investment loan or credit, such as infrastructure projects (roads, dams, pipelines etc), natural resource management (e.g. forestry) and rural development (e.g. land tenure).

    Programs funded through development policy lending (formerly known as structural adjustment operations), such as economic, sector, legal

    Projects financed through a trust fund administered by the Bank, e.g global environment Facillty funded projects

  • What is the Inspection Panel?

    The Inspection Panel is an independent vehicle for people who believe that they have been, or are likely to be, harmed by World Bank-funded projects to bring their concerns directly to the Bank’s Board of Executive Directors. The Board created the Panel in 1993 to promote accountability at the Bank and to ensure that the voices of people who may be adversely affected by Bank-financed projects will be heard. The Panel carries out this mandate through its work as an impartial fact-finding body, independent of Bank Management. In response to requests by affected people, the Panel has the power to review Bank-funded projects and determine whether Management is following its own operational policies and procedures. These policies and procedures are designed to ensure that Bank-financed projects provide social and economic benefits, and avoid harm to people or the environment.

    The Panel is composed of three members of different nationalities who serve five-year terms. Members of the Panel are selected based on their ability to deal thoroughly and fairly with requests brought to them, their integrity and their independence from Bank’s Management, and their exposure to developmental issues and to living conditions in developing countries. Members of the Panel may not be employed by the Bank Group, following the end of their service on the Panel.