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 Panel Secretariat

  • Secretariat Role

    The Inspection Panel has a permanent Secretariat that provides operational and administrative support to the Chairperson and Panel Members and assists the Panel in processing requests, conducting eligibility reviews and investigations, and responding to queries. The Secretariat also organizes and participates in outreach activities, seminars and other events, and disseminates information about the Panel, its mandate and work.


    From left to right. First row: Panel Members: Zeinab Bashir El Bakri, Alf Jerve (former Panel Member) and Eimi Watanabe (Chair). Second row: Secretariat staff: Dilya Zoirova, Dilek Barlas (Executive Secretary), Oriana Bolvaran, Serge Selwan, Peter Lallas (former Executive Secretary), Tatiana Tassoni, Robert Dickerson and Mishka Zaman.

    Secretariat Composition

    The Panel Secretariat is headed by an Executive Secretary and includes operational and support staff.